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Quickly tell if a display pre-calibration has issues

Author Steve

#1 | Posted: 15 Nov 2020 15:41 
One of the unique abilities of ColourSpace is to be able to quickly, and easily, tell the state of a display pre-calibration.
Knowing how a display responds pre-calibration is critical in understanding how well the display can actually be calibrated.

With ColourSpace the ability to Extract the native colour space (Gamut and EOTF) from the actual display profile, and then map the profile to the extracted colour space, defines underlying issues with the displays, quickly and easily.

The following two graphs show two different pre-calibration display profiles for two different displays, compared to the P3D65 colour space.
Both show the native response of the displays to be inaccurate, in different ways.
One is low gamut, while the other has a larger gamut, but inaccurate primary colours.
(Any EOTF errors are difficult to see with CIE graphs, but will show as high dE values, which means red or orange measurement points.)

Pre-calibration bad display Pre-calibration good display

A quick appraisal of the graphs suggests both displays can be calibrated, although with different limitations.
However, using the 'Extract' function within ColourSpace, and then mapping the profiles to each display's native gamut shows one display has serious underlying issues.

Native Map bad display Native Map good display

Now it can easily be seen that one display has major underlying issues, while the other looks very good.
It really is that simple.

This can be seen in the Display Profiling video guide.

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

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 Quickly tell if a display pre-calibration has issues

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