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Projector Calibration

Author Samazar
#1 | Posted: 3 Jun 2019 13:21 
Hi guys, I am a home theatre enthusiast and would like to learn about more about calibration so that I can finally calibrate my projector to a really good level and enjoy the process. I am thinking of starting with Lightspace (the free version) for now just to get a feel of it, I believe the free version of LightSpace allows for taking measurements and manually making adjustments within the projector settings. Fortunately, my projector has full CMS ability, here is what the spec-sheet mentioned:-

A full colour management system (CMS+), gives the flexibility to choose between 5 pre-set colour gamuts; HDTV (Rec 709), EBU, DLP Cinema, SMPTE-C & Native. Alternatively, fine-tune intensity and x/y co-ordinates of primary and secondary colours for ultimate calibration precision.

However, I don't have a probe and am thinking of investing in an i1 Display Pro. However, I'm not sure if Light Illusion sells calibrated probes that have been calibrated for all popular devices e.g. Lamp and Laser based projectors, LED Monitors, LED TVs. If not, is there a vendor in the UK who provides such a service for a very reasonable cost ? - Most importantly, does LightSpace ZRO recognise the offset or probe calibration files ?

Last but not least, out of interest, how does one calibrate for a 4K HDR projector or TV ? Do you have to have two sets of calibration: one for REC709 and one for BT2020 ?

Author ConnecTED
#2 | Posted: 4 Jun 2019 10:04 

The i1Display PRO is coming with some spectral correction tables for different display tech. To improve more the color accourancy you will need to invest to your own spectro (like i1PRO2) to be able to create unique meter corrections tables for each projector/display you want to calibrate.

There a lot of info about i1Display PRO/i1PRO2 here: https://displaycalibrations.com/x-rite_i1_measurement_solutions_info.html

LightSpace ZRO support meter correction table generation.

To calibrate for SDR you will need REC.709 patterns and for HDR10 you will need REC.2020 patterns.

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 Projector Calibration

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