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Probe - speed comparison

Author Christophe R
#1 | Posted: 22 Feb 2018 13:23 

To have an idea, do you have any comparison table of the speed of differents probes. As I read, the K-10 is the fastest as opposed to the i1 Pro 2 which look to be slow. How big is this difference ? Is this a x1 or x2....x10 factor ?


Author Steve

#2 | Posted: 22 Feb 2018 13:32 | Edited by: Steve 
Actually, speed is not really the issue.
Low light capability is.

See: https://www.lightillusion.com/probe_use.html

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

Author Christophe R
#3 | Posted: 23 Feb 2018 12:47 
Thanks for your quick reply.
And the low light capability is where the price is going up quickly ;-(
As fas as I understand, if we follow SDR black level (0,03-0,05 nits) from there : https://www.lightillusion.com/display_calibration.html
Not many of the probes are matching...
Always a matter of compromise.

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 Probe - speed comparison

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