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Pre-Calibration display Set-up

Author George
#1 | Posted: 29 Jan 2014 01:34 
I have on the way to me HCL, eeColor, i1 Display Pro and Ted's disc. I am a total beginner and so I am starting with some very basic questions.

My first question to Steve was as basic as you can get: Where exactly does the probe go? His answer (for the record):

The probe can be just about anywhere...
The standard is to read off the screen with the probe a few meters from it.
If the screen is a 'gain' screen get the probe central and parallel.

In preparation I have been reading the various tutorials on this site. One of the first things to do is to manually calibrate the projector. I was a bit surprised at this as I thought one would want HCL + probe to do all the calibrations and store all the results in the eeColor box.

What is the advantage of having calibration settings in two places, in my case, eeColor and projector? Having them in one place seems simpler and more elegant and not subject to any quirks the projector CMS may have.

If a parameter requires a correction of say +10 and one already has set a +2 in the display, one would then be setting +8 in eeColor. It seems simpler to just set +10 in eeColor. Also there is a potential for "counter" correction. If one has set -1 in the display then one would need +11 in eeColor and the two might be fighting each other.

Incidentally when I had my projector professionally calibrated a few years ago, the calibrator first did the projector as far as its CMS could take it and then used my Lumagen XS for the finishing touches, so it does seem to standard operating procedure, just wondering why.

Thanks for your help.

Author Harry
#2 | Posted: 5 Feb 2014 11:51 
IMHO it's always good to pre-adjust the PJ as close as possible to the desired target color space / gamma.

I have a JVC X75. No one of the build-in picture modes/color profiles did really satisfy me in terms of Rec.BT709 D65 / G2.2. Lamp aging effect is also part of it.

So now I'm always going to pre-cal my PJ using JVC's own Projector Calibration SW - this way I've got perfect pre-calibration results. Next to that I'm going to "fine tune" my HC setup using LightSpace + Radiance XS 3D. Works perfect for me.

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Display Calibration Light Illusion Forums / Display Calibration /
 Pre-Calibration display Set-up


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