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LG Templates 2018/2019/2020 for SDR REC.2020 3D LUT (LightSpace/ColourSpace)

Author ConnecTED
#1 | Posted: 29 Sep 2020 18:49 
LG Templates 2018/2019/2020 for SDR REC.2020 3D LUT

I have updated the LG Templates with new Revisions for the following Templates:

LG OLED 2018 / 2018 B8
LG OLED 2019 / 2019 B9
LG OLED 2020 / 2020 BX

The only new feature is the capability of uploading LUT tables to the SDR REC.2020 slots of the LG TVs for SDR.

If users are not interested in that feature, it not necessary to get these new LG Template revisions.

LG OLED's have two SDR LUT Slots, for SDR REC.709 and SDR REC.2020.

Since now, we were using the SDR REC.709 slot.

As we know, since LG's have several LUTs / modes (SDR/HDR10/DoVi), the TV's procedure to trigger the correct mode we want, it has to playback from USB or HDMI input the correct signaling before Enabling Calibration from Device Control.

TV will see the AVI infoframe from the HDMI input or see that encoding info from the Media File of USB and then enable the proper mode.

For SDR, we were using SDR REC.709 as the Media File provided from LG had encoded for YCbCr REC.709, which will trigger the TV SDR REC.709 slot.

When you are using an external generator, like Murideo/Accupel/DVDO, and you send YCbCr output, it will enable the SDR. REC.709 slot.

When you are using PGenerator with RGB signaling, it will enable SDR REC.709.

The problem is that SDR REC.2020 content is not available to the disk market.

They are available about 100 SDR 2160p UltraHD disk titles (most of them documentaries).

Brawl In Cell Block 99, Darkland, Bad Santa 2, The Fourth Phase, Hotel Artemis (US Release), Mayhem, The Neon Demon, One Eight Seven, Song to Song, Stranger Things: Season One (Episode 01), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Suspiria.. all these UltraHD have encoded with YCbCr 2160p REC.709 4:2:0 10 bit, they are not SDR REC.2020 but SDR REC.709.

Recently a forum user of ColourSpace informed me that in the USA, the Comcast Infinity X1 device (Cable TV), when you set the output of the X1 device to 2160p, it will output SDR REC.2020 4:2:2 8-bit.

When you set the X1 device to output 1080p60, it will output SDR REC.709.

When you set the X1 device to output 2160p60, it will output SDR REC.2020.

The colors were looking very 'off', when watching a REC.709 3D LUT using X1 with 2160p60 (REC.2020 colors), so a new Template was required...

These new Templates are useful for Comcast X1 users of ColourSpace/LightSpace, for generating an SDR REC.2020 3D LUT for SDR.

The procedure of Calibration remains the same.

Users will have to profile and upload the 3D LUT to the TV using the known methods for SDR REC.709 3D LUT.

It will no require new measurements for generating the correction for REC.2020 SDR.

So after the end of the SDR calibration/verification of the 3D LUT for SDR REC.709, using that profiling data file, users have to generate an additional correction for SDR REC.2020.

Using the LUT Tools of ColourSpace, select as Source the REC.2020 UHD and at the destination the profiling file.

User with recent Calibration (before one month as an example), they can find that profile data file and use it to generate SDR REC.2020 correction.

Use 'MapSpace' for LUT generation since its the correct method when the target colorspace (REC.2020) is larger from the LG panel gamut capabilities (~ P3).

The next step is to trigger the SDR REC.2020 LUT slot.

Methods if triggering SDR REC.2020 LUT slot of LG OLED:

1) The quickest method is to use Comcast X and output 2160p, then enable Calibration from DeviceControl.

Comcast X1 will output 2160p60 SDR 8bit REC.2020 YCbCr and send that AVI to the TV (as general info): 82:02:0d:95:31:e8:60:61:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00

2) Ask Ted to send you a special 1 hour MP4 YCbCr REC.2020 to playback from TV USB and then enable Calibration using DeviceControl.

3) Use Accupel 6000 or Murideo Six/Seven to output 2160p REC.2020 YCbCr and enable Calibration using DeviceControl.

4) Use DVDO to output REC.709 4:2:2 2160p24 and inject using HD Fury this custom AVI: 82:02:0d:c6:20:c8:64:5d:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00

That custom AVI will change the signaling to YCbCr 4:2:2 REC.2020.

If REC.2020 is not triggered, using the above methods, ...and the user selects from DeviceControl the REC.2020 slot, then it will send the LUT to the REC.709 slot of the TV.

LG's HDMI Diagnostics can be used to identify if your HDMI input signal is REC.709 or REC.2020

Verification of SDR REC.2020:

You can't use DVDO using that AVI to verify the post-calibration for SDR REC.2020 since YCbCr 709 triplets are not compatible with YCbCr 2020 triplets.

You can measure only Grayscale or Red, Green, Blue (with 100% Saturation.....255.0.0 for example for Red, 0.255)

PGenerator with custom AVI for SDR REC.2020 RGB will not work.

For SDR REC.2020 verification of Calibration, it will require Accupel 6000 or Murideo Six/Seven.

Uploading SDR REC.2020 3D LUT to LG:

After enabling Calibration using any of the methods above, select your picture mode, select SDR REC.2020 and upload the 3D LUT file.

If you want to test if the TV is uploading correctly the REC.2020 LUT you want and trigger it using DeviceControl, then you can use that Black/White 3D LUT (DeviceControl) file.

Upload that 3D LUT, and the SDR REC.2020 content will become black/white.

Close Calibration and watch Comcast with 2160p output; it should look Black/White.

Then change the Comcast output to 1080p, and the TV should have colors (your SDR REC.709 3D LUT).

Using that Black/White LUT test, you can confirm that you have done the SDR REC.2020 triggering procedure correctly.

Then upload your 3D LUT SDR REC.2020 DeviceControl 3D LUT file as ColourSpace has generated.

While that procedure is useful for Comcast X1 users, it will be beneficial for content creators to have separate 3D LUT for SDR REC.2020 (REC.2020 or D65-P3) and separate for SDR REC.709.

Hidden HDMI Override Menu for LG 2020 TVs

LG's HDMI Override menu can be helpful to change colorspace settings can be helpful.

For access, highlight the picture mode in the main menu, and press ''1113111'' from the TV remote.

Configuration settings can be stored per HDMI input.

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 LG Templates 2018/2019/2020 for SDR REC.2020 3D LUT (LightSpace/ColourSpace)


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