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LG 2020 Templates for LightSpace/ColourSpace users

Author ConnecTED
#1 | Posted: 20 Jun 2020 18:28 
LG 2020 Templates (for LightSpace/ColourSpace users)

It is available for ColourSpace/LightSpace user (with HTL license level or higher) the LG 2020 Template with iTPG support (BX, CX, GX, WX, ZX)

The LG 2019 Template has been updated to REV.4, to provide iTPG support also.

The LG 2020 iTPG, unlike 2019 iTPG, will not require any additional digital level offset to reduce digital errors.

However, we don't recommend the iTPG for SDR as it does not match the HDMI input signal using a reference generator.

I talk honestly and want the users to have the best possible picture.

It will be easier for me to recommend the users to use iTPG for SDR, but I always want the users to know the whole truth and don't fall to marketing tricks, waste their time or have virtual good dE numbers in charts only.

I respect the free time and the passion of the enthusiast users or the importance of a calibration in post-production, so they have to perform the procedure using the best possible methods for any pocket.

For HDR/DV calibration using Leon's method, it can be used the iTPG since the panels, from their nature, when they are working in HDR mode; they are super-unstable, so it doesn't matter if you will use a bit-perfect or a near-bit-perfect generator for that calibration procedure.

Since the measurement repeatability is poorer (compared to SDR mode), it will not show any difference, as the panels have significant deviations from one measurement to another.

Using Leon's method, the HDR/DV calibrations will not be affected by lifted black levels or banding, typical problems users have reported using default calibration methods others are using with no success.

For LG 2019/2020 users, who want to use iTPG, they should use 0-255 PatchScale, to be able to generate 16-255 patches. (for current public LG 2020 FW)

For LG 2020 users (when the LG FW which will initialize the 2020 iTPG functions will be released to the public), who want to use iTPG, they should use 16-255 PatchScale, to be able to generate 16-255 patches.

For LightSpace/ColourSpace users who have already access for 2019 Template, I have updated their account, and they will able to get 2020 when they refresh their cloud.

For users with approved access to 2017/2018 Templates, please send a new request, and I will add to your account the 2020 Templates.

Device Control Update

For these templates, it will require the users to update their DeviceControl to the latest version. (2.0.19 12/Apr/2020)

Users can update their current DeviceControl installation and generally check for newer versions from inside their DeviceControl Interface.

Please click on ''?'' and then ''About Program'', and the software will check for the availability of updates.

When an update is available, users can update from inside DeviceControl, and then restart the software.

When the users will an older DeviceControl version will try to download a Template which requires a newer DeviceControl installation, then a notification window will appear.

Direct LAN for PGenerator

We recommend the users to use the direct LAN connectivity method.

The users can connect a LAN cable from their Rasberry device directly to the LAN port of their calibration notebook/PC.

That connectivity method will have better results since it will prevent any network delay issues using WiFi or LAN through the rooter connection.

For the direct LAN function to work, users have to insert ''0'' as IP address to their PGenerator from DeviceControl.

The auto-discovery function will be enabled when the IP address is ''0''. The PGenerator will appear automatically to the Network Manager of LightSpace or using ColourSpace.

LG 2020 PQ Curve Free Templare

The LG 2020 PQ Curve Template is free for any user of any calibration software; it will require to create a DeviceControl account and then send a request for adding his username to the list of users of that Free Template.

Note: My website is not updated to reflect all these changes/features as there no free time for that as I spend my time helping the users.

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 LG 2020 Templates for LightSpace/ColourSpace users


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