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i1Display Pro (i1D3) and the expensive Calman C6 variant

Author Light Illusion

#1 | Posted: 31 Jan 2021 21:07 
There is a lot of confusion regarding the X-Rite i1Display Pro probe (aka i1D3), and the Calman C6 variant.

The C6 is JUST an expensive i1Display Pro - and is no different in any way at all to the normal i1Display Pro.
It has a different paint job, and is 'locked' to try to restrict operation with Calman only, but that is all.
Even the 'calibration' certificate provided with it is invalid, and is not NIST traceable, even though Portrait suggests it is.
(It just defines a set of measurements that are no different from any other i1Dispaly Pro... no 'correction' has been applied to the probe, as that is not possible outside the use of an EDR, and the 'light source' and 'comparison probe' Portrait use are not valid for a NIST traceable set of values.)

The one difference with the C6 is when used with Calman software, as it acts as a key to unlock preset EDRs held within Calman.
(These EDRs have nothing to do with the C6 itself, and could just as easily be used with any i1Display Pro, if they were not 'locked out' from accessing them.)

But, there are also a number of EDRs available for the standard i1Display Pro variants, including the WOLED EDR we make available for download via this website, as well as being standard within ColourSpace.

And more importantly, using a Spectro to perform probe matching is more accurate on any given display, and the extra cost for the C6 would be better used to put towards purchasing an i1Pro 3...
(See: https://www.lightillusion.com/probe_accuracy.html)

In addition to the C6, which we now know is just an i1D3 in drag, there are two Retail versions.
(There are also other specific manufacturer versions, such as from HP, NEC, ASUS, Wacom...)

The first is the 'standard i1Display Pro, which is certified to 1000 nits.
And then the i1Display Pro Plus, which is certified to 2000 nits.
(Now marketed under the Calibrite name.)

The i1Display Pro Plus; and the Calman C6 are all the EXACT same probe, with the exact same capabilities/accuracy.

But for anyone looking to purchase an i1Display Pro probe for calibration use, avoid the Calman C6, as you will be wasting a lot of money unnecessarily...


Author ConnecTED
#2 | Posted: 20 Jul 2021 11:14 

Fake/Invalid NIST Certifications of Portrait's C6HDR2000 (custom branded i1Display PRO), explained:


(read until the end of this thread to understand what is happening)

Reference instrument with expired certification used to generate a fake/invalid report:


Any i1Display PRO (any version/branding) can't be certified by any company.

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 i1Display Pro (i1D3) and the expensive Calman C6 variant


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