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Eizo CG2420 calibration

Author POD
#1 | Posted: 18 Apr 2020 14:45 
I've purchased a 3 day rental of ColourSpace LTE and time is ticking. I have managed to run a monitor profile but can't figure create or apply a correction lut to the EIZO CG2420. Also the EIZO CG242 specs say it uses W-LED but I noticed on some posts here PFS Phosphor is mentioned for some EIZO models. Does anyone know which I should be using?

And a question for Steve. I have Calman's Virtual Forge pattern generator, will this work with ColourSpace?

Philip O'Dea

Author Steve

#2 | Posted: 26 Apr 2020 10:35 | Edited by: Steve 
Sorry - for the delayed response.
Hopefully you sorted the Eizo calibration?

And no, Virtual Forge will not be supported.
There are far better, and a lot cheaper, options for TPGs.
(But, the issue with integration has nothing to do with us... we are happy to integrate with any hardware, from any manufacturer.)

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

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 Eizo CG2420 calibration

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