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Calibration Drifting - Eizo CG279x

Author J_Coy
#1 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 15:32 
Hi all,

I'm running into a little issue with my Eizo CG279x running from Resolve through a BMD mini monitor 4K card via HDMI.

The monitor has been yielding pretty excellent results out of the box (though the factory calibration had a definite shift toward blue), but I recently ran a rec709 calibration from LightSpace (with an i1D Pro OEM, no spectro offset, just WLED offset), and after a 6800+ patch calibration with Resolve as the patch generator, I got pretty much perfect readings when profiling after the 3D LUT upload to my calibration slot.

And then about a day later, I can't seem to get those same readings. For example, using grayscale images or black and white graded images in Resolve demonstrates a slight but noticeable shift towards red, and my i1D Pro quick profiles verifies this minor shift.

I'll include pictures of my calibration results as well as my setup in the Options tab, but I'm wondering if I have led my probe astray somehow, or if the LUT simply isn't maintaining consistent output?

Author Steve

#2 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 15:47 
If the calibration was ok, and now isn't, something has changed.
It won't be the LUT, as that is fixed.
So either the display has 'drifted' or something is 'different' with your image workflow/pipeline.

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

Author J_Coy
#3 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 15:49 
Right, I meant to say monitor not the LUT. Just wondering why it might be shifting on me? I'm sure it's the monitor.

I'll keep working on it.

Author J_Coy
#4 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 17:25 | Edited by: J_Coy 
I did calibrate the monitor in YCbCr rather than RGB. Do we know of the CG279x is one of the Eizos that must be set up in an RGB path? My guess is that I maybe just didn't quite nail the calibration the first time, so maybe another characterization should be performed.

I performed a little test just now and noticed that under the WLED offset, the live reading of peak white reads a directly upward shift toward green (by a tiny amount), but the white patch visually looks slightly red shifted. When I change to PFS Phosphor offset, the shift moves directly right from center point on the measurement toward red, about the same distance as the green shift under WLED.

I was under the impression that this monitor required the WLED offset--is the PFS Phosphor actually the correct offset? This seems to be a new option in latest LightSpace CMS.

UPDATE: A profile of Primary Only shows (in the RGB Balance tab) red coming out on top, followed by green, and then blue, with enough separation to distinguish red completely from the rest. This is while using the PFS Phosphor offset. I used WLED for the calibration, which seems to have been the problem. Is this correct?

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 Calibration Drifting - Eizo CG279x

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