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WIBNI: DPI awareness and block PC sleep

Author tsanga
#1 | Posted: 29 Sep 2022 17:07 

1. ColourSpace would be a DPI aware app in Windows, to avoid fuzzy scaling, or prevent Windows scaling issues that hides UI buttons outside of the dialog window size. Reference:

2. ColourSpace automatically prevented the PC from going to sleep mode during long profiling sessions. Does CS already do this? The screen blanks after some time, but I've always been too nervous about it going to sleep that I change all the power and sleep settings.

Author Steve

#2 | Posted: 29 Sep 2022 17:30 
ColourSpace is already DPI aware, which is how you can use different resolution displays simultaneously.

However, Windows does have issues with different scaling settings, and it is presently almost impossible to overcome them all. With luck, Windows will improve how it works with all the various scaling settings users can configure within Windows itself.

And no, we will not make ColourSpace over-ride the PC's power settings - the user can, and should, set-up different power options as needed. We do not want to be in a position that just because ColourSpace is running, but not actually being used, that screen burn-in could be occur without the users realising.

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

Author tsanga
#3 | Posted: 29 Sep 2022 17:48 
Thanks Steve, those are very relevant points.

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 WIBNI: DPI awareness and block PC sleep


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