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Simultaneous measurement for Probe Matching

Author ErikSwan
#1 | Posted: 11 Nov 2021 04:43 

I would like the ability to connect more than one probe at a time to ColourSpace and take measurements with both the reference probe (spectroradiometer) and the target probe (colorimeter) simultaneously during the probe matching process.

This would be helpful because of the drift/stability issues inherent in OLED displays - when you have to measure with one probe, disconnect from it, reconnect to the second probe, and take measurements again, it's hard to be 100% sure that the output of the display hasn't changed even slightly due to thermal drift, etc.

If you could measure with both meters simultaneously, you know the spectrum that the meters are measuring is the same since the measurements are taken at the same time.


Author Steve

#2 | Posted: 11 Nov 2021 09:56 
You can do that already - but you will need to enter the record values manually into the Probe Matching window.

You just need to use the Remote Control capabilities to manage two Profiling Windows simultaneously.
See the 'Remote Control' https://www.lightillusion.com/video_guides.html for info.

Steve Shaw
Mob Boss at Light Illusion

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 Simultaneous measurement for Probe Matching

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