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Pgenerator not connecting when changing IP access [Fixed]

Author ebr9999
#1 | Posted: 6 Apr 2023 14:26 
This happening when for any reason the Pgenerator changes its IP address. In my case I have switched it from an Ethernet to a Wi-Fi network connection.
The root cause is that DNS answer with two A record to your queries on TedCalibrationDisk.
You can see in the IP Tracing what happens: At 607 a UDP broadcast is sent for finding PGenerator. IP 16 answers "I am TedCalibrationDisk", You can see that at frame 611 DNS reports two A records, in the following order: (1) the one cashed (9, was the IP the previous connection) and (2) the actual one (16).
Then the PC tries to start a TCP connection toward the not existing IP 9, obviously without any response.

A part the connection issue, not so easy to fix even restarting the router, as cashed data are recovered (i.e. I should reset to factory), it is interesting to note that, even if the Pgenerator is powered off, any attempt to connect it reports "available" in green.

NOTE: already sent to Steve. Here for sharing,

IP tracing
IP tracing

Author Kuky
#2 | Posted: 1 Jan 2024 17:28 
I had probably the same problem.

This is the topology of my network.

On the laptop I am able to use Calman or DeviceControl and connect easily to the PI4.
When running ZRO or LTE and pressing Connect in the Hardware Tab (with PGenerator selected as hardware type) nothing happens on the right column in the "Generators" field. It remains greyed out.
But if preselect "Network Server" as hardware type I can see the PI4 connecting. Of course this is not desirable as you loose control on many of the settings within ZRO.

Also I am able to connect from ZRO/LTE to the PI4 using the USB method or the WI-FI method.
My laptop does not have a wired connection so I was not able to verify Direct LAN method.

ZRO/LTE are cleared in the firewall of the laptop.

The solution was to add a static route to the PGen in the hosts file and after that ZRO/LTE are able to connect to PGen.

If someone wants to investigate, this problem is easily reproducible on my machine. If I remove the static route ZRO/LTE is not able to connect anymore to PGen, whereas Calman or DeviceControl keep working.


Author ebr9999
#3 | Posted: 12 Jan 2024 14:43 
I have verified with last beta (09 January 2024) and the problem is still there. I see now that ARP is endless asking for who has one of the ip address indicated by DNS as being TedCalibrationDisk (as usual it indicates two A records), but no way, the request is always for the one that has been physically disconnected.

As I have no Christian's tracing I cannot be 100% sure that it does not work also for him.
I am sure Christian will have a look at it in a little while.

Author ebr9999
#4 | Posted: 18 Jan 2024 15:00 
With 17 January 2024 beta is works fine. I see that the connection procedure has changed, basically relaying only on the IP source address reply to a broadcast message asking for who is a Generator. As side effect also the P2P LAN connection takes similar time (a couple of seconds), on the opposite of the previous releases, needing several seconds.


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Bugs & WIBNIs Light Illusion Forums / Bugs & WIBNIs /
 Pgenerator not connecting when changing IP access [Fixed]


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