Film Profiling Service

Light Illusion is the world's only company to provide a complete film colour management workflow enabling film images to be accurately emulated on digital displays.

Generating such accurate film emulation requires exact profiling of your specific film path, including the film recorder, processing Lab and film printing. This is not something that can be left to chance or assumption.

  • SMPTE status A
  • SMPTE status M
  • SMPTE RP-180
  • Academy Printing density (APD)
  • CIE XYZ & CIE xyY
  • 2nm Spectral Data




To help generate the LUTs necessary for accurate film emulation Light Illusion provides a custom film profiling service that helps make sure your Grading workflow is correctly calibrated, as well as selling the hardware and software to enable facilities and film labs to control their own in-house calibration.

Film profiles can be generated for different industry LUT calibration systems, not just for Light Illusion's ColourSpace, including TrueLight and CineSpace.

All film colourimetry data is measured from the provided film stocks using a highly accurate hybrid spectroradiometer & densitometer combined with an extremely stable and fully automated stepper motor controlled film transport system.

Both are Light Illusion developed systems that have provided the majority of the film emulation data used by the world's leading studios, film labs, post-production facilities.