Film Based Digital Image Archiving

With the explosion in digital cinematography capture, and the associated difficulty in providing guaranteed long-term archiving of the images.

Light Illusion has developed a long-term archive solution based on the use of standard film stocks, as film has unquestionably the best long-term archiving qualities of any storage medium presently in use.


Digital Film Archiving

The problem with the use of film as an archiving medium has been guaranteeing the accuracy of the recovered digital image due to the variable nature of the recorded film image. Light Illusion's solution overcomes this problem completely.

The core component for this process is MatchLight IMS (Image Matching System), which has already proved it's worth matching on-set and dailies workflows, as well as ACES workflows for VFX operations.

MatchLight IMS auto-generates a LUT from two versions of the same image (or string of images) - basically a before/after comparison, with the difference between the two being converted into a LUT for use within any colour based system,

The use of MatchLight means that by applying a short string of 'technical images' before each and every archive it is possible to guarantee the recovered image integrity after re-scanning, with the original technical images and the re-scanned versions of the same images being used within MatchLight IMS to auto generate the required calibration LUT to return the scanned images to their original colour, dynamic range, and contrast, generating a near perfect clone of the original images.

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The workflow required for Light Illusion's Film Based Digital Image Archive process is very simple.

When making an archive the user can generate their own technical image to be used as the reference for the whole workflow, as shown in the image above. These technical images should contain the full gamut and contrast available in the main images to be archived - ideally containing full RGBW from 0-1023 (0-256). These images are recorded at the head of the film, as part of the same sequence as the main archive images.

When the archived material needs to be reconstituted the film is scanned and the scanned technical images loaded into MatchLight IMS, where they are compared with the original version of the same images, and a LUT is automatically generated to match the scanned frames back to the original technical images.

Digital Film Archive

This LUT, when applied to the scanned archived images, will regenerate the original look within a very tight tolerance.

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