Diversified Video Solutions Calibration Disc

Diversified Video Solutions pattern discs offer a comprehensive set of HDR reference test patterns.

  • Multiple HDR calibration sequences
  • Presets CSV Lists
  • Advanced HDR Test Patterns
  • HDR 10 & Dolby Vision
  • Full Signal Path Verification



The Diversified Video Solutions pattern discs offer a comprehensive set of HDR reference test patterns to assist in the verification and calibration of HDR-10, HLG, and Dolby Vision displays.

The test patterns can be download and stored on a USB or hard drive for playback on any compatible HDR display, or ordered as Blu-Ray discs.


Diversified Video Solutions offers different packages of test patterns for HDR-10, HLG, and Dolby Vision, either individually, or as combined packages.

The available test patterns include test patches for display measurement for use with ColourSpace, as well as numerous patterns for visual display assessment.

The Presets option within the Manual Measure menu of ColourSpace can be used with a .csv list to match any individual patch from any of the available test patch sequences provided with any HDR-10, HLG, or Dolby Vision DVS disc.

Using the Diversified Video Solutions test images means any required metadata is managed by the player, enabling to display to auto-configure to the correct HDR-10, HLG, or Dolby Vision settings.

Any of the available DVS patch sequences can be used with ColourSpace, including those labeled for Calman, ChromaPure, and HCFR use.

The Diversified Video Solutions .csv Patch Set files can be downloaded via the General Downloads page

ColourSpace Integration

The Diversified Video Solutions pattern discs work with the Presets capability of ColourSpace, using Manual Measure via .csv lists.


Presets, within the Manual Measure menu, uses a .csv list to define the patch triplets, and any patch colour can be selected by clicking directly on the colour from within the scrollable list.

TDiversified Video Solutions - Manual Measure

The desired patch set needs to be selected from within the DVS disc, and the corresponding .csv list loaded into the Preset option within ColourSpace. Any desired patch can then be selected for playback from the DVS disc, selected from the ColourSpace list, and measured using a single Measurement, or using Repeat Measurement.

Each individual measurement will build up a ColourSpace profile, enabling any display to be evaluated, based on the individual patches within the patch set. Multiple patch sets can be read one after another, into the same ColourSpace profile, building up ever greater data in the display being measured.

The required Diversified Video Solutions .csv files can be downloaded via the General Downloads page.

Calibration Guides

3D LUT Calibration Manual Calibration