Display reviews for TVs, monitors, & projectors, has become a major resource for customers looking to make a new display purchase.

Finding a software system that can provide easy to understand display measurement data, enabling readers to compare different display options, can be a critical part of any journalistic review.

ColourSpace is unmatched in its data presentation

ColourSpace provides unmatched volumetric graphs that present measurement data in easy to understand visual form, with colour-coded measurement points, and error tangent lines, that can be enabled/disabled by the user to enhance/simplify the visual graphs.

Fully customisable Reports further enhance ColourSpace's ability do provide dedicated review information, defining exactly what numerical data to present, as well as what graphs to utilise.

A key benefit of ColourSpace for display reviews it the ability to stand-out from the crowd, with display results presented in totally unique ways compared to alternative reviewers.

Display Journalism

No Restrictive or Multi-page Contracts

A key approach of Light Illusion is to not tie-up reviewers and journalists in restrictive multi-page contracts making demands on what promotion of Light Illusion and/or ColourSpace is used, as well as not demanding feedback on when/where ColourSpace has been used within internet or paper magazines, etc. All we ask is the use of ColourSpace is stated somewhere on the review website or magazine, with link-backs provided.

Light Illusion also has no yearly re-application process, as all agreements are for the life of ColourSpace, and include the normal software updates, etc.