ColourSpace ZRO is a Free Home License version of ColourSpace, the de-facto standard for display calibration.

ColourSpace ZRO enables manual display calibration, as well the accuracy of any display to be verified against any given colour space standard, such as Rec709, BT1886, DCI P3, Rec2020, etc., enabling home users to be confident that the images they are observing are guaranteed to be accurate, and as the film's DoP and Colourist intended.

ColourSpace is the industry's 1st choice

ColourSpace is the de-facto standard for advanced colour management, guaranteeing the highest possible level of display calibration and colour control, regardless of final application.

ColourSpace ZRO provides the same level of accuracy, limited to manual calibration for home user use.

Display Verification

Display Verification & Calibration

ColourSpace ZRO can be used for manual Display Calibration, using any display's in-built Colour Management System (CMS) controls to accurately calibrate the display as far as is possible with the display's provided controls, such as brightness, contrast, gamma, bias & gain, saturation, as well as verifying post-calibration accuracy.

While ColourSpace ZRO is free, it is not a simple download, and each user must be registered, and will be provided a unique license code if their ZRO Access request is successful.

When filling in the ZRO Access request form, the information provided within the 'Reason for Access Request' section will be used to asses the request. If a valid reason is not provided, the request will be rejected.
Include information on your display model, probe, and any additional calibration hardware, as well as describing your existing calibration experience.

ColourSpace DPS

ColourSpace DPS includes additional features not available within ColourSpace ZRO, including 3D Graphs, full display characterisation via cube based and presets sequences, including DIP Mode,and will have Report capability, when that is added to ColourSpace.

A very useful additional capability of ColourSpace DPS is LUT Generation, for additional display assessment. The generated LUT helps visualise the underlying calibration of the display, as well as defining the display's gamut coverage, including the use of LUT Graphs and LUT Preview. It is further possible to re-profile the displays through the 3D LUT, using Active LUT within ColourSpace DPS, so assess how much improvement a 3D LUT would make over simple manual calibration.

ColourSpace ZRO Access Request

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Information provided here will be used to assess any ColourSpace ZRO access request - be as detailed as possible

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ZRO Access Not Guaranteed

Not All ColourSpace ZRO access requests will be granted, and Light Illusion reserves the right to decline any request from any user that does not appear suitable for ColourSpace ZRO access.

ZRO Access may also be revoked at any time, without warning or explanation.