ColourSpace Rental

ColourSpace is available on a rental basis for any user requiring accurate calibration, without the desire to purchase outright a full ColourSpace license - for professional or home cinema use.

The user just needs to supply a suitable probe, selecting from the probes compatible with the ColourSpace version being rented.

  • ColourSpace XPT/PRO/CAL/LTE & HTP/HTL
  • Unmatched Calibration Accuracy
  • Volumetric 3D graphs
  • Professional Post, Broadcast, & Medical
  • Home Cinema
  • Fully Featured
  • 5-Day Rental Period
Professional Calibration Ex. VAT
Home Cinema & Pro. AV Calibration Ex. VAT


ColourSpace is the de-facto standard for colour management within the Film, Post-Production, and Broadcast industries, guaranteeing image accuracy and consistency at all levels, and uniquely supports Home Cinema at the same professional level, enabling home users to match professional colour accuracy.

Additionally, ColourSpace provides highly accurate DICOM calibration for use within the Medical industry.

The rental licenses provide for full access to select ColourSpace version, for direct use, or for evaluation prior to a full purchase.

The 5-Day license starts when ColourSpace is first opened, and the provided Rental License Key activated.

If a full ColourSpace license is purchased within 10 days of a rental license purchase, the rental cost will be deducted from the full license price.

Use the Quote Form to request a Quote with the Rental cost deducted, indicating your Rental Invoice Number.

Rental Support

All ColourSpace Rental Licenses come with no direct technical or operational support from Light Illusion, although questions posted on the Light Illusion Forums will always be answered, and have no access to any additional Associated Downloads.

ColourSpace Rental Options

Professional Calibration

ColourSpace XPT Probes Displays LUT Boxes Grading TPGs LUTs Cameras Features
ColourSpace PRO Probes Displays LUT Boxes Grading TPGs LUTs Cameras Features
ColourSpace CAL Probes Displays LUT Boxes Grading TPGs LUTs Features
ColourSpace LTE Probes Displays LUT Boxes Grading TPGs LUTs Features

Home Cinema

ColourSpace HTP Probes Displays LUT Boxes TPGs LUTs Features
ColourSpace HTL Probes Displays LUT Boxes TPGs LUTs Features

Demo Video

The above video is a brief overview of the traditional 2D charts in ColourSpace, as well as the new 3D volumetric 3D graphs, all fully interactive, sizeable, and colour coded.

The colour coding helps quickly identify the accuracy of any given measured point.

  • Green ≤ 1dE
  • Orange > 1dE ≤ 2.3dE
  • Red > 2.3dE

The white Tangent lines are visual plots of any given point's error.
The line starts at the actual volumetric location of the measured point, and ends where the point should be.
A very graphical way to show each and every error in any given display.