ColorBox LUT Box

The AJA ColorBox LUT box support 1D & 3D LUTs for accurate display calibration when used in conjunction with ColourSpace, as well as for on-set Look Management.

  • ColourSpace INF/XPT/PRO/CAL
  • 33^3 LUTs
  • 10-bit & 12-bit operation
  • 16x 1D & 16x 3D LUT memory
  • TPG Operation

ColourSpace Integration

ColorBox operation and function is controlled via the Hardware Options menu, accessed via the Profiling window.


Initial Setup

  • Connect ColorBox to the ColourSpace laptop via a network cable, and start ColourSpace
  • Open a ColourSpace Profiling window, select Hardware Options, and select AJA ColorBox from the Hardware drop-down list
  • Using the Network Address window enter the required IP address, and select Connect

Before starting calibration work ensure the ColorBox is transparent, with no LUT loaded, etc.

  • To make sure there is no existing LUT active within ColorBox select Unity Bypass from the Select LUT option, and press Upload
  • Using the Calibration Patches option set the calibration patch size for profiling
    (If Automatic is selected for patch sizes, configuration is via the ColourSpace Settings menu)

As soon as a Calibration Patches selection is made the output of ColorBox will display the patch colour as defined within the ColourSpace Measure and Characterisation menus.

Potentially, when Unity Bypass data is Uploaded all ColorBox settings will be nullified. Should it be desired that different LUTs and other settings remain as defined, upload a real Bypass LUT (generated via LUT Tools/LUT Management/New), as that will only null the relevant LUTs, as selected.

Profiling Operation

To use ColorBox as a Patch Generator with ColourSpace navigate to the desired profiling mode - Manual Measure or Display Characterisation.

Output of ColorBox will mimic the colour displayed, using the patch settings defined via the Hardware Options and Settings menus.
Note: The keyboard 'O' key can be used within the Hardware and Manual Measure menus to quickly Disable/Enable the TPG.

Profiling can then be performed as normal, using the probe connected to ColourSpace, and with ColorBox displaying the required patches on the display being profiled.

LUT Upload

Any Calibration LUT can that has been generated as normal within ColourSpace LUT Tools can be loaded into ColorBox.

With the generated LUT held within the ColourSpace LUT library, navigate to the Hardware Options menu, and select the desired LUT from within the Select LUT options, and Upload.

There are three LUT options within ColorBox, with the 1D + 3D combination being the normal configuration to use for display calibration.

  • 1D
  • 3D
  • 1D + 3D

ColorBox has a two stage workflow for LUT use

  • ColourSpace generated LUTs are first uploaded in to the ColorBox internal library, with 16x 3D LUTs and 16x 1D LUTs stored in non-volatile memory
  • The Load section of AJA ColorBox Options is used to set the required Upload from ColourSpace
    (Load Type defines either a 1D, 3D, or 1D+3D upload, while the Load 1D LUT ID and Load 3D LUT ID options define the memory location for the save)
  • Performing a Select LUT Upload will upload the preset selected LUT, based on the Load settings
  • The Pipeline options can then be used to set the required LUTs to be active as needed
    (Mode AJA Color is the only mode compatible with ColourSpace)

Note: Unlike other Hardware options with LUT capability, with ColorBox a Unity Bypass Upload will overwrite only the selected Load Type and Load 1D or Load 3D LUT location ID, not perform aglobal LUT reset.

Depending on the settings used within ColorBox, and the signal path in use, LUTs may need to be pre-process via Video Scale before a LUT is uploaded for Legal Range workflows.

Calibration Guides

ColourSpace Integrated 3D LUT Calibration Manual Calibration