Cinematography is where a lot of creative material starts its life, and there are some very specific issue to overcome.

From on-set look management through the use of ColourSpace generated LUTs, to a need to match the images captured via different cameras.

Light Illusion colour management tools are unmatched

The Camera Option within ColourSpace enables the use of Manufacturer Camera data to generate Technical Conversion and Creative Look LUTs, while MatchLight is an Image Matching System that enables LUTs to be automatically generated by the direct comparison of two or more images captured by different cameras, and create LUTs that therefore match one camera image to another.

ARRI Look capability within ColourSpace enables the conversion of any ARRI Look files into LUTs, as well as the conversion of LUTs into ARRI Look files.

Reatil Display Calibration Service

Camera Technical & Creative

The ColourSpace Camera options use colour and gamma data provided by the various camera manufacturers, with various options available depending on the camera format and value manipulations specified by the manufacturer. Using true camera manufacturer data mean technically accurate LUTs can be generated, and further manipulated as desired via ColourSpace's LUT Manipulation tools.

MatchLight can been used creatively to great effect for the generation of Film Emulation, or Look, LUTs to enable digital captured imagery to feel more like traditional film captured footage, using its ability to automatically generate LUTs by the direct comparison of two or more images.