ColourSpace Addons

ColourSpace includes a number of unique capabilities that provide different ways to access and control measurement data via 3rd Party Addons.

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Remote Control, combined with Secondary Execution, Network Protocol, and Measurement Log, provides powerful capabilities that enable third party programs to be controlled by, and take control of, ColourSpace Profiling window instances, and perform functions such as setting patch colours and taking probe measurements, as well as sending measurement data to third party programs for additional functions not native within ColourSpace to be performed.

JVC Autocal

JVC's AutoCal program can be used to correct the projector's internal calibration tables directly. These basic calibration tables are not accessible to external measuring programs, and unfortunately, depending on the Autocal version, the program only supports limited probes.

Using ColourSpace's Remote Control capabilities, a 3rd Party Addon has been written that enables any probe that can be used by ColourSpace to provide measurement data for JVC's Autocal program, including using ColourSpace's unique Probe Matching capabilities.

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ADL Measurement

Among projector users there are often discussions regarding On/Off contrast, ANSI contrast or in-picture contrast.

Unlike to self-luminous displays (TVs & monitors), projectors can suffer from stray light contamination within in the light path and cannot be avoided completely. Therefore, determined the Average Display Luminance (ADL) of various films a few years ago and published a set of measurement images that can be used to measure stray light in the light path.

An Addon has been developed for ColourSpace that enables the use of any probe that can be used by ColourSpace to perform actual measurements, with PGenerator used as the TPG.

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LI Examples

An Integration Protocol document can be downloaded via the Customer Downloads page, and provides example programs for Remote Control and Secondary Execution.

3rd Party Control

ColourSpace Remote Control can enable ColourSpace to be controlled via 3rd party programs.

Within the Integration Protocol documents, downloadable via the Customer Downloads page, is an example implementation of a remote control program, supplied as source code in C++.

The provided code can be used as a basis for alternate program development.

Secondary Execution

Secondary Execution enables measurements made via ColourSpace, including Probe Match settings, to be simultaneously sent to a 3rd party program for external processing, such as alternative plotting, calibration processing, etc.

The Customer Downloads, Integration Protocols, include an example batch file that writes all measured data into a simple .txt file, and and can be used as a basis for alternate program development.

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Remote Control