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    Generate Look and Technical Conversion LUTs for a range of digital cinematography cameras
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    Trade-up to Professional Calibration
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    Use an existing calibration system as a trade-in against LightSpace CMS
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    Perceptual Colour Matching
    Overcome display technology inaccuracies
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    Colour Management Hardware

Light Illusion sets the Global Standard for Display Calibration, Colour Management, and Image Guarantee

Light Illusion is the de-facto standard for display calibration and colour management within the Film, Post-Production, and Broadcast industries, guaranteeing image accuracy and consistency at all levels, and uniquely supports Home Cinema at the same professional level, enabling home users to match professional colour accuracy

Don't just calibrate - Manage Colour, Generate Looks, Manipulate LUTs, Control Image Workflows...

Professionals rely on LightSpace CMS!

When it comes to calibration, only the accuracy of the result matters

Calibration Solutions

Price Match


Use an existing, but less than perfect, calibration system as a trade-in against any LightSpace CMS system, reducing the cost of gaining high-end calibration, colour workflow and LUT manipulation capability.

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Display Calibration Made Simple

LightSpace CMS is very unique when used for 3D LUT Calibration as it uses no pre-set workflows or fixed structure step-by-step walk-throughs, as these are very restrictive approaches to calibration, and often mean the results are far from optimal for any given display.

Instead, LightSpace CMS offers a selection of calibration tools that can be used as required, without restriction.


Display Profiling


Display Profiling is the accurate measurement of any display's underlying capabilities.




Calibration is the application of highly accurate LUTs to guarantee final colourimetry.


Calibration Verification


Verification is the process of assessing the accuracy of any calibration.


Look manipulation


Look manipulation provides for multiple technical and creative adjustments & workflows.

Unmatched Capability

Advanced Technology

The mathematical colour used engine within Light Illusion's systems is the most advanced available.

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Ease of Operation

Display profiling and calibration is extremely straight forward, ensuring the most accurate results.

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Beyond Calibration

The colour management tools provided by Light Illusion far exceed simple calibration, with the inclusion of both advanced technical & creative tools.

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Open Integration

Light Illusion's colour tools can integrate with any hardware systems, displays, and probes, without restriction.

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Multiple Market Application

Colour Management is a requirement of many varied markets, from Film & TV post-production, Cinematography, and Graphics, to Home Cinema.

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Industry Leading Partners

Many DI system, LUT Box and Display manufacturers have partnered with Light Illusion to enable highly accurate closed-loop calibration

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"I have always hated the constraints of a 'workflow' based approach to calibration. It's so nice in LightSpace CMS to be able to jump around and evaluate (or generate a report) on what I think needs to be done next, without jumping through hoops or losing previously collected data"

Craig Rounds

CIR Engineering

"Light Illusion's LightSpace CMS is incredibly powerful while remaining extremely easy to use. It excels at meeting our very stringent calibration needs at Flanders Scientific while remaining easy enough for virtually any user to implement, regardless of previous calibration experience"

Bram Desmet


"Repeated comparative testing has proven nothing else comes close to the accuracy and capabilities of LightSpace CMS"

Ted Aspiotis


"Home Cinema users, especially those with the Lumagen range of LUT box image processors, want to know they are matching the same image quality and calibration levels as used within the professional film and TV industry - LightSpace CMS guarantees this"

Gordon Fraser

Convergent AV

"I have produced 3D LUTs from two competing software packages. Neither has been able to produce the image fidelity of LightSpace CMS"

Buzz Schranz

Naples Display Calibration

Nothing else comes close to the accuracy and capabilities of Light Illusion's colour management tools.

Light Illusion calibration tools are in use at more post production facilities, studios and broadcasters than any other calibration system, and through providing the same exact tools for Home Cinema calibration has become the defacto standard for all home calibrators striving for ultimate accuracy.

ColourSpace CMS

Next Generation Advanced Colour Management

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