LightSpace Connect User Guide

LightSpace Connect enables LightSpace CMS to be used to measure and profile mobile phone screens, tablets, and connected TVs, monitors and displays, enabling users and manufacturers alike to verify screen capabilities.

Using Screen Mirroring any variations between a TV's HDMI inputs and direct streaming can be compared to assessed any differences.

The following instructions are for the use of LightSpace Connect on Android and iOS devices with LightSpace CMS.

LightSpace Connect Overview

LightSpace Connect Profiling

LightSpace Connect is an Android and iOS App that enables the generation of calibration patches for the measurement and profiling of any Android or Apple mobile phone or tablet screen, as well as any TV or other display/monitor through the use of Screen Mirroring, MHL Cable, AirPlay, Apple Digital AV Adaptor, Fire TV & Google YV devices, etc.

As LightSpace Connect is controlled directly by LightSpace CMS it can generate any required colour patches, either as a managed sequence for automated profiling, or manually selected for manual display calibration adjustment.

Initial Operation

In the App Store or Play Store search for 'LightSpace Connect', and select and install. When installed, tap on the LightSpace Connect icon to open the app.

When open, the app will initially show a splash screen, and then swap the the main 'connect' page, ready to connect to the LightSpace CMS PC.

LightSpace Connect Network
  • Open LightSpace CMS on the LightSpace PC.
  • Select the 'Network Manager' menu within LightSpace, which controls synchronisation with LightSpace Connect.
  • Select Enable to active the Network Manager.
  • Note the displayed Server IP address.
    (The Port number can be altered if needed, but is rarely necessary.)

The Network Manager menu is located within the top-level icons of LightSpace CMS.
Note: The 'PatchSize' controls define the size of the patch to be displayed - required specifically for displays which suffer 'ABL' issues. The PatchSize controls are only active when the Network Manager is disconnected (Disabled) from LightSpace Connect.

LightSpace Connect Network
  • If the LightSpace Connect device and the LightSpace PC are on the same WiFi network the correct IP address will be entered automatically.
    (Note: If the correct IP address is not entered automatically manually type in the network IP address that LightSpace CMS lists in the 'Server IP Addresses field.)
  • Press/click 'Connect' to connect LightSpace Connect to LightSpace CMS.
    (The LightSpace Network Manager will now show '1 available client/s'.)
  • LightSpace Connect will show an initial patch, with title bar.
    (To remove the title bar tap/click the screen, and tap/click to bring it back.)
  • Close the LightSpace CMS 'Network Manager' window.

LightSpace connect is now ready to mimic any patch colour selected within LightSpace CMS.

Profiling Operation

To activate the LightSpace Connect patch generator navigate to the desired profiling mode within LightSpace CMS - Calibration Interface, or Display Characterisation.

When the patch window is activate within LightSpace (the LightSpace CMS internal floating patch window has been made active by clicking the small colour display box when using Quick Profiling or Manual Measure modes) the LightSpace Connect patch generator will mimic the colour displayed within LightSpace CMS.

Profiling can then be performed as normal, using the probe connected to the LightSpace CMS PC, with LightSpace Connect displaying the required patches on the mobile device screen, or connect TV/display/monitor.

Additional Technical & Support Info.

Additional Software Required: LightSpace CMS
LightSpace CMS Demo: Downloads

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