IS-mini LUT Box

SDI & HDMI LUT Box and Patch Generator

LightSpace CMS is fully integrated with the WOWOW (formally Fujifilm) IS-mini, a combined Patch Generator and LUT box, making it a suitable partner to LightSpace CMS for SDI and HDMI display input based calibration.


IS-mini LUT Box

The IS-mini LUT box works with 3D LUTs of 26 point size (26^3 cube size) for display calibration when used in conjunction with LightSpace CMS. Additionally, the box can be used as a patch generator for profiling, enabling closed-loop display profiling via direct connection with LightSpace.

The IS-mini LUT box is a SDI input and SDI/HDMI output device, ideal for use with any SDI image workflow path, with SDI or HDMI display input requirements, making it a suitable for professional operations where precise colour and 'Look' management is required.

Connections include SDI in, HDMI and SDI out, and USB connection for LUT uploading and patch generation control.

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Features and Options

The IS-mini LUT Box enables 3D calibration and Look LUTs generated via LightSpace CMS to be used for facility display calibration and on-set Look management.

  • 1.5G-SingleLink BNC connector (1 for input, 1 for output)
  • 1 HDMI output connector (no sound output)
  • 26^3 3D LUT for colour and look management
  • USB connection for LUT upload
  • DC 5V power (AC adapter included)

When combined with LightSpace CMS the IS-mini LUT Box provides very accurate colour management and calibration, with integrated patch generation.

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Additional Software Required: LightSpace CMS
LightSpace CMS Demo: Downloads
User Guides: IS-mini Integration Guide

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