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Free Look LUTs

| 9 Jan 2017 11:04 | #1
There have been 100's of downloads of our Free Look LUTs - have you been one of them?
If so, please show us your application of the Light Illusion Free Look LUTs...
Please show before/after images, with a description of the workflow used.

The best use of the LUTs will receive a discount voucher for purchase of LightSpace CMS and an i1 Display Pro OEM probe!
(If the best use of the Free Look LUTs is from a user that already has LightSpace CMS an alternative will be offered...)
There can be more than one 'winner', and we will make choices every few months...

| 13 Jan 2017 05:29 | Edited by: Scott | #2
I typically don't use LUTs, but the TV Film LUT adds a nice touch after normalizing footage and dialing in the level with the Key Mixer. This is from a sci-fi movie. REDLogFilm > graded in Resolve 12.5.4 > primary > secondaries > 2-3 power windows > finished with the LSLUT at the end dialed in with the Key Mixer at .425.

Paradox City - Ungraded Paradox City - Graded
| 13 Jan 2017 05:36 | #3
Here is another use of the TV film LUT on the film, Happy Birthday. Shot on BMCC raw > graded in Resolve 12.5.4: primary, secondary, layer mixer for skin separation LUT, key mixer adjustment on the LUT level, additional grading > numerous power windows. I think the addition of the LUT helped to create some nice contrast separation in this shot and the film in general.

Happy Birthday - Ungraded Happy Birthday - Graded
| 13 Jan 2017 08:38 | #4
Hi Scott - Looks good. Very much as I hoped the LUTs would be used.
The description of normalising footage and dialling in the levels, and using a key mix is good info!
And I really like the comment on the LUT creating contrast separation in the second example.


| 14 Jan 2017 05:48 | #5
Thanks, Steve. I have found this LUT to very useful. It would be interesting to explore if the science behind this LUT could be configured into a Resolve Powergrade format instead of a 3D LUT. While this LUT, for some reason, seems to be MUCH better at avoiding clipping highlights and shadow that any other LUT I have used, I assume that all LUTs to some degree are vulnerable to introducing some destructive qualities. I would love to learn more about how you addressed that issue with this LUT and if it would be possible to create this same "Look" science in a Resolve Powergrade format, that would enable some tweaking by the user. Anyway ... nice job! Very cool.
| 19 Jan 2017 17:39 | #6
The issues with 'Powergrades' is the relatively limited tools available.
You could get 'close', but not exactly the same result.
The issues is these LUTs are based on real film stock profile data, from our own film profiling system.
That means the data is far too complex for a Powergrade to emulate fully.
Yo can see this in the 3D Cube view of the LUT:


| 20 Jan 2017 21:41 | #7
That make complete sense.
| 2 Feb 2017 06:54 | Edited by: Teo | #8
Similar like Scott is describing was our workflow. Normalisation of footage was done in P3, film emulation LUT was made for use in P3. Fine tuned at about 33-55% of LUT "opacity". After finished in P3 on a Barco projector LightSpace LUT was used for P3 to Rec709 conversion.

Ivan Ivan2
| 4 Feb 2017 03:25 | #9
Very nice.
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